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Amazing Doctor. I have anxiety attacks going to the dentist. In the past, with my previous dentist they would dismiss this and just tell me to deal with it. As you may expect this made it worse. Dr. Ahumada listened to my concerns and was very skillful at relieving my fears. I now go to the dentist without fear. He also found methods of dentistry that were not so hard on my body, as until now, had no idea I had a bad reaction to the numbing agent. My teeth have never looked better and he truly is an artist. Very affordable, open on Saturdays, I would highly recommend this office and they are bilingual!!!

Melody Sanchez

I was hesitant with how low the reviews were until I saw that the bad ones were mostly concerning payment and insurance. It's a business, people!

I had an emergency and needed to get in right away. Dr. Alaniz said he could get me in the next day so I told him I'd see if I could get in somewhere today and call back and cancel if I found someone. He called back a couple hours later and said that he could come in today even though they were closed, then called again to see if I could get to his office even earlier.

I went in and He took care of my emergency single handedly. His office was closed, he did all of the work from receptionist to dental assistant to dentist! He was thorough with his explanations from the procedure to the billing to the aftercare. This will be my new dentist and I certainly recommend him.

Trevor Hopper

I live right by this place and have driven past it hundreds of times. Recently our families dental insurance switched and so I thought I'd try this place out. I couldn't find any online reviews, so I was a bit apprehensive. However, I was attracted to the location and therefore made an appointment.

The office itself was very nice, modern and spotless! There was not a speck of dirt or grime inside. The front desk staff was very friendly and the Dr. was also. My kids really took to Dr. Alaniz and cooperated fully with him. We'll be coming back for sure! Oh, and the DR. Speaks Spanish if you need it.

Sarah R.

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